About Us

We are a tea producer from city of Ureshino, Saga prefecture, Japan. Our business was established more than 70 years ago. We produce Tamaryokucha, which is a rarity amongst Japanese green teas.

Our mission is to introduce and deliver our teas to tea lovers throughout the world. If you would like to try any of our products, feel free to contact us.  ”

Kazuhisa & Vera Tokunaga

From tea factory to your cup!

We deliver fresh and high-quality Ureshino tea from our factory.

(Saga Prefecture: Ureshino City -The home ground of Sencha-Tamaryokucha-).


About Ureshino tea

Ureshino tea`s characteristic is unique curly shape of its leaf. It is called Tamaryokucha, which litteraly means "round-shaped green tea". It is also known as "guri-cha", guri meaning "curly".

Ureshino is a well-known producer of Tamaryokucha, which is kind of rarity amongst japanese green tea.

There are two main varieties of Tamaryokucha, the steamed Mushisei Tamaryokucha and the pan roasted Kamairisei Tamaryokucha, also known as Kamairicha.


2015 Nihon cha Awards / fine product award/ jury's special award

2017 GreatTasteAward 2star★★/1star★
    C`est bon le `Japon  Kamairicha Runners-up

2018 GreatTasteAward 2star★★/1star★

2019 Nihon cha Awards / jury's special award
     GreatTasteAward 2star★★/1star★

2022 Nihon cha Awards/fine product award/jury`s special award